| 5 Forward-Thinking Kitchen Designs
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5 Forward-Thinking Kitchen Designs


11 May 5 Forward-Thinking Kitchen Designs

If you are hoping to add value to your kitchen by way of a remodel you will want to keep contemporary design and innovation at the forefront of your mind. After all, forward-thinking touches go a long way in rendering your kitchen both fresh and relevant for years to come. To follow are five forward-thinking design elements that you will want to integrate with your kitchen. These design elements provide simple and creative ways of making your kitchen appealing to a wider audience while also increasing the overall value of your space. Read on and get inspired!

Forward-Thinking Storage

Most kitchens house a healthy number of kitchen utensils and accessories. For this reason, you will want to introduce ample storage during your kitchen remodel. And forward-thinking cabinetry is a wonderful way of placing your kitchen on the cutting edge of innovation.

Interior designers highlight a number of ways to make your cabinetry truly innovative. One beautiful option is floating cabinet units. Floating cabinet units appear, just as their name suggests, to be floating flush against your kitchen walls. These cabinets also tend to be quite minimalistic; capitalizing on clean lines and sleek hardware. Another way of making your cabinetry truly innovative is by choosing cabinets in fresh materials. Some of the most innovative cabinet materials are aluminum and bamboo.

Keeping Food at the Forefront

If you are a foodie who wants to remodel their kitchen around their foods, you will want to invest in a state of the art refrigerator. Glass, walk-in refrigerators keep all of your colorful produce on display. These substantial appliances are minimalist yet striking: comprised of sharp lines and sleek handles. What is so nice about these refrigerators is that they introduce a colorful and ever-changing palette, in the form of your foods, in your kitchen. In addition, feedback on these appliances has suggested that keeping your fresh foods on display is correlated with less waste and healthier eating. If you opt for a glass, walk-in refrigerator, you will want to keep the rest of your furnishings to a minimum.

Mix Materials

Mixing materials is a simple way of achieving your forward-thinking kitchen. Indeed, innovative design centers on combining unlikely materials in the most beautiful of ways. The added advantage of mixing materials is that you can mix any number of materials in a way that enhances the existing esthetic of your space.

One fantastic feature where you might mix materials is your countertop. You will want your kitchen countertop to be durable and functional, above all else. As such, you might want to look into installing a substantial concrete countertop: on which you can chop and prepare without concern for its surface. Concrete kitchen counters bring an industrial feel to your contemporary kitchen, and they can easily be embedded with other materials. For instance, if you want to add a sense of feminine delicacy to your concrete counters you can easily have bits of iridescent glass embedded within them. The way these shards of glass catch the light brings a sense of warmth to your contemporary kitchen.

Frame Your Vintages

Just as foodies will want to frame their fresh goodies in the most innovative of manners, homeowners who love a good wine will want to keep their wines on display. There are a number of innovative wine refrigerators that can accommodate a large number of bottles in a sleek and appealing way. Consider a model equipped with a dual digital cooling system. This sort of model adjusts both temperature and humidity by way of two separate mechanisms. A built-in wine cellar—equipped with a glass front and inset lighting—is a feature that a great number of future homeowners will appreciate…and that is what being forward-thinking is all about.

Innovative Stove Range Hoods

Many homeowners completely overlook kitchen range hoods, although these appliances are instrumental in improving both the air quality and ventilation in your kitchen. But, now kitchen range hoods can also fulfill the invaluable function of appearing innovative and forward-thinking in nature. Interior designers suggest selecting a sculptural-shaped range hood in a neutral material. If you are hoping to get away from the sharp angular lines of a conventional contemporary esthetic, you may want to select an arched glass range hood.

All in all, if you want to successfully remodel your kitchen you will need to think of the future homeowners of your home. In so doing, you will want to incorporate elements that are innovative and forward-thinking in nature. Perhaps you are a foodie who appreciates both the esthetic and texture of your foods. If so, a glass walk-in refrigerator is the perfect contemporary element with which to frame your edible goodies. Alternatively, maybe you want to mix materials or introduce avant-garde cabinetry. There are a wide number of options for making your kitchen both unique and innovative.

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