| Bathtub Trends: Top 5 Things to Look For During a Remodel
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Bathtub Trends: Top 5 Things to Look For During a Remodel


23 Mar Bathtub Trends: Top 5 Things to Look For During a Remodel

Bathroom remodels afford the opportunity to take your space from one that is outdated and conventional, to one that is both modern and unique. But, this brand of remodel often lacks focus and can be difficult to plan in advance. One excellent way of pursuing a cohesive bathroom remodel is by structuring this project around the bathtub.

Taking a bath is a relaxing activity that engages all of the body’s senses. As such, prospective homeowners thoroughly appreciate bathtubs that are both aesthetically intriguing and fully functional. Read on to learn the about the newest bathtub trends that you will want to be mindful of during your upcoming remodel.

Musical Tubs

One of the newest trends in tubs is their having built-in stereos. This tub option is an ideal, luxury feature for homeowners who like to relax to soothing music at the end of a difficult day. These music-friendly tubs are equipped with water-friendly speakers which are not visible to the naked eye. The stereo is then linked up with a remote control that can be placed in a safe and dry place, which you will then connect to your own Mp3 player.

What is so wonderful about this innovative tub is that it is available in a variety of different sizes and materials. Whether you want a simple porcelain tub or an oversized soaker, both of these options are viable with a music-friendly option.

Stainless Steel

Introducing a stainless steel tub is the perfect way to reinforce the contemporary aesthetic of your bathroom. Today, there are a variety of stainless steel bathtubs for you to choose from. Worth noting is the way that many of these tubs come in unconventional shapes: squares and diamonds rather than your conventional rectangular and oval shaped tubs.

A stainless steel bathtub instantly modernizes your bathroom. Pair this tub against dark granite flooring and countertops for a truly contemporary look. Prospective homeowners will be instantly impressed by your innovative vision and exquisite taste.

Soaker Tubs with Upright Seating

If you are a homeowner who privileges bathtubs for adding a sense of luxury and relaxation to your life, you will want to opt for an incredibly deep soaker tub. These appliances resemble porcelain hot tubs rather than bathtubs, given their depth and square shape. Some soaker tubs of extreme depth have built in bench seating that allows you to sit up while putting your head back. Furthermore, the science of these contemporary tubs suggests that they are much better for your posture than their conventional counterparts.

If you want a tub that permits of a home spa experience, consider introducing a deep soaker tub with upright seating. More and more homeowners suffer from excessive stress and fatigue. Thus for resale purposes, having a tub of this variety will prove highly advantageous.

Traditional Tubs with a Twist

Another major trend that you will likely perceive when remodeling your bathroom is that of traditional tubs with small flourishes and embellishments. These flourishes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. For example, traditional porcelain tubs with delicate extensions around their rims, which act as a built in shelving unit, are becoming increasingly popular. Imagine soaking in your bathtub with a magazine lying safe and dry by your side. Alternatively, this embellishment serves as the ideal place to rest a warm cup of tea or a decadent glass of wine. Other minor embellishments include colored lighting from within your tub. This lighting works well within alternative bathrooms that are otherwise quite minimalist and contemporary.

Bathtubs as Works of Art

Last but not least, there are a wide variety of bathtubs on the market that simply look like works of art. These art-inspired tubs are often enveloped in decorative designs with their own murals imprinted on their surfaces. These tubs give you the opportunity to think about artwork in the bathroom differently and to select a tub design that works well with the other art pieces within the space.

Other art-inspired tubs make use of repurposed objects in the form of hardware. You often see quirky bathtubs with mismatched brass knobs on their faucets. These minor details work brilliantly within a unique and whimsical space.

Remodeling your bathroom is a project that is sure to involve quite a bit of time and energy, from planning to purchasing and installing. So, having a central point of focus can be incredibly helpful. And what better to focus on than the bathtub? Select a tub that represents both your personal style and one that is equipped with the kinds of features that suit your needs. Perhaps having a beautiful and unique tub is more important to you than having one with special, luxury features. Alternatively, perhaps a deep soaker tub is precisely the appliance you have been yearning for. Regardless of your personal taste, there is bound to be a bathtub that reflects it perfectly.

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