| Color in the Kitchen: Presenting a Mood with Your Décor
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Color in the Kitchen: Presenting a Mood with Your Décor


09 Mar Color in the Kitchen: Presenting a Mood with Your Décor

So much of the mood created in our homes, and kitchens, depends on the color palettes used. Just as the color and design of our clothes reflects a particular mood or outlook—optimistic, pensive, solemn—so too does the color of our kitchens. So, it is quite important that you take the time to thoroughly consider what sort of mood you want to create in your kitchen, and then use color as a vehicle through which to achieve this mood.

Bold and Warm

Homeowners with a confident design sense, who also want to create an inviting and homey space, will likely want to use bold and warm palettes in their kitchens. One of the main difficulties that homeowners run into when implementing a bold and warm color palette is an overdose of color. Indeed, too many bold colors can create a sense of confusion and even chaos in a space.

If you are hoping to implement a bold and warm palette in your kitchen, try to stick with analogous colors on the color wheel. In other words, analogous colors are located directly next to one another on the color wheel. When paired with one another, they are warm without being overwhelming or confusing. Consider using deep oranges and reds in your kitchen in order to create a mood that is at once vibrant and inviting. This bold palette will keep your spirit feeling warm even during the coldest of months.


If you are a homeowner who relishes contemporary interiors, you will certainly want to make use of a color palette that is itself thoroughly modern. Fortunately, this can mean a host of different things. Typically, interior designers suggest that a modern mood can be established in your kitchen by way of a monochromatic palette. This means selecting one dominant color, usually in a neutral shade, and using it as the primary shade throughout your kitchen.

Imagine juxtaposing jet blacks and stark whites in the kitchen. By painting your walls a bright white and selecting jet black materials for both your countertops and floors, you create a simple, yet bold statement. Another option for a modern color palette is choosing a single accent color and keeping the rest of the space completely neutral. Maybe you want to integrate some vibrant red stools and decorative paintings against the bright white of your kitchen walls.

Calm and Tranquil

Perhaps you want to create a thoroughly calm and tranquil mood in your kitchen. This mood is one of pure relaxation; it is suggestive of a space that permits you to take an extra five minutes to enjoy your morning coffee or linger over a delicious meal.

Creating a calm and tranquil mood in your kitchen will require a cool color palette. Cool colors, such as pale blues, grays, and shades of white, all bolster a calm and tranquil mood in your kitchen. Once you have selected complementary cool colors, you will want to incorporate accents that speak to your broader design tastes. This might mean purchasing fresh flowers on a weekly basis or switching out your old hardware for cream ceramic knobs and fixtures. If you are really hoping that your kitchen will inspire rest, you might even install a small chalkboard next to the fridge on which you can write inspirational quotes.


Homeowners with a thorough appreciation of the outdoors will likely want this appreciation to be reflected in their kitchen. A rustic, nature-oriented kitchen can be established through a combination of warm colors and accents. You may very well want to use rich browns in the form of paint and perhaps even wood paneling within your kitchen.

If you want to create a warm and rustic mood in your kitchen, pick a primary color that is found in nature. Whether this color falls within the brown or green family is completely up to you. Once you have selected your primary color, you can then work on selecting decorative accessories that extend this rustic mood. Natural wood cabinetry does an excellent job of doing so. Other creative ideas that fall within the spectrum of this mood are massive wood countertops that double as makeshift cutting boards. Keep fresh fruits and veggies on display, and use muted lighting that is more reminiscent of natural light. All of these elements combined will do an excellent job of creating a rustic, nature-oriented kitchen.

At the end of the day, color plays an essential role in establishing a particular mood in your space. Whether you want to establish a modern mood, or one that is more traditional, there are sets of colors that will help you to do so. It is recommended that you study the color wheel and thus learn how to combine certain colors in order to achieve the beautiful vision you have for your kitchen.


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