| Copper In the Kitchen: Is It Right For You?
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Copper In the Kitchen: Is It Right For You?

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06 Apr Copper In the Kitchen: Is It Right For You?

When remodeling your kitchen, you want to use quality materials that are built to last.Additionally, you will want the finishes in your kitchen to be both beautiful and unique. Copper is one such material that has recently gained popularity; moreover, copper works incredibly well in the kitchen.

Given that copper is a natural metal, and thus catches and reflects light, it immediately lends a msense of elegance and luxury to your space. Whether you want to use copper in small doses or as the base for larger structures, there are many options available to you. Read on to glean some valuable insights into this trendy and timeless kitchen finish.

Properties of Copper

Many homeowners are drawn to copper for its deep yet metallic color. This combination makes copper seem valuable, yet warm and inviting all at the same time. In addition, copper is a material that can be finished in a wide variety of ways. Some homeowners prefer the look of sleek and smooth copper finishes while others opt for hammered copper. When copper is hammered, it acquires a unique set of grooves. This hammered finish works incredibly well on larger copper finishes, such as kitchen range hoods and countertops.

One facet of copper, which homeowners ought to be apprised of, is the fact that it is a ‘living’ material. Being a living material means that copper will react to acids and even water. When copper reacts, it changes color. Typically, copper countertops adopt a lighter hue where it comes into consistent contact with water and other cooking materials. On this note, the fact that copper is a living material need not be construed as a drawback of the material. Indeed, it remains a durable material that simply evolves along with your kitchen. To keep your copper finishes in the best possible condition, you will simply want to treat it with butchers wax from time to time. The following are some creative ideas for integrating copper into your beautiful kitchen.

Glittering Sinks

A copper sink lends a sense of warmth and abundance to a feature that you use daily. If you are thinking of introducing a copper sink into your space, consider a farmhouse sink. Farmhouse sinks are incredibly deep and lend a sense of rustic elegance to your kitchen. This model of sink works well with copper, as this material evokes a beautifully antiqued and weathered look, and this antiqued quality will only continue to evolve over time with every dish that you wash.

If your sink is the only copper appliance in your space, you may want to thread this metal throughout your kitchen in the form of your hardware. Sleek copper handles create an intriguing counterpoint to a hammered copper sink. Using a similar color with a different texture creates a sophisticated and unique look.

Copper Countertops

Copper countertops are a breathtaking feature that will lend a sense of warmth and earthiness to any kitchen. This finish is ideal within a space that centers on rich earth tones, and elements that draw the imagination to the great outdoors. For example, pair your deep copper countertops with a wall of exposed brick. Alongside these features, you may want to display a set of copper pots and pans by way of a hanging pot rack. This will create a sense of cohesion and completeness in your space.

It is recommended that you place your lighting fixtures directly above and around your copper countertops. In so doing, you invite a warm sense of light to reflect off this beautiful finish. Although copper countertops are not the cheapest option, they are incredibly durable and one of the more unique materials available. With that said, they remain a more cost effective option than most cuts of granite and marble.

Kitchen Range Hood

Many homeowners tend to cut corners when it comes to kitchen range hoods: excluding this feature entirely from their kitchens. Not only is the kitchen range hood an important feature, which improves air quality and circulation in this family­centered room, but is a great way of incorporating copper in the kitchen. In addition, a copper kitchen range hood works well with a broad number of kitchen designs. Perhaps your kitchen is contemporary in looks, for instance, making use of stainless steel appliances, neutral walls and minimalist lighting fixtures. A copper kitchen range hood will add a sense of warmth to this space and looks beautiful next to the silvery hue of your stainless steel. And, mixing metals is a thoroughly modern approach to kitchen design.

All in all, copper is a warm and unique material that will add great value to your kitchen. Depending on your design preferences, you may want to use copper as either an accent material or as the base for your major finishes. Regardless, copper makes for a timeless and elegant kitchen.

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