| Kitchen Remodels: Necessary Versus Unnecessary Updates
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Kitchen Remodels: Necessary Versus Unnecessary Updates


18 May Kitchen Remodels: Necessary Versus Unnecessary Updates

Updating your home’s kitchen is a highly valuable endeavor. The real estate market suggests that homes with updated kitchens, bathrooms and outdoor spaces are twice as quick to sell as those without. But, because most homeowners are working within a budget during their kitchen remodels it can be stressful to determine what kitchen updates are necessary versus those that are merely optional. To follow are some general guidelines for determining the relative importance of the updates you plan on pursuing.

New Flooring

New flooring is high up on the list of potential updates you want to pursue when remodeling your kitchen. Many homeowners make the mistake of glossing over new flooring because they feel that this finish goes relatively unappreciated. But, this could not be further from the truth. Your kitchen floor takes up a substantial amount of square footage and thus, you will want to make sure it is new and undamaged.

If you want to save money on flooring materials, consider laminate. Laminate flooring comes in a wide range of neutral shades, and it is incredibly simple to clean. If you have a bit more money in the budget, you may want to consider hardwood. Floors made out of natural stone are a worthwhile but costly investment. This is something you will want to save up for. In the interim, fresh laminate flooring will look both beautiful and modern.

Professional Contractor

One necessary cost associated with your kitchen remodel is hiring a professional contractor. Your contractor will help inform you of common mishaps that crop up during remodels such as unforeseen plumbing and electrical projects. He or she will also see to the proper installation of any new features that you decide to purchase. When it comes down to it, many homeowners make the mistake of trying to pursue kitchen remodels all on their own. But, more often than not, this only leads to damaged materials and wasted time. Hiring a contractor that you can trust, and one who has ample experience with kitchen remodels, is non-negotiable when it comes to updating your own kitchen.

Freshen Up Your Cabinets

Cabinets are, clearly, a prominent feature in any kitchen. But, it is not necessary to completely replace your cabinetry during a kitchen remodel, especially if you are working within a tight budget. If you are hoping to save money during your remodel, consider freshening up the look of your cabinets rather than replacing them. Kitchen cabinetry can be updated with a fresh coat of paint, for instance. Pick a complementary color to the rest of your space, and be sure to protect this paint by way of a protective veneer. If you want to completely open up your kitchen, you might also remove all of your cabinet doors. This open concept design is simple to achieve and doesn’t cost a penny. New hardware is also an excellent way of freshening up a focal wall full of cabinets.


To be sure, you can successfully remodel your kitchen without ever touching your kitchen countertop. But, if you are going to pick and choose between new appliances or a new countertop, designers suggest investing in the latter. Countertops contribute more to the unique and personalized design of your space more than appliances do. Countertops are also something that we tend to be hard on; as such, you will want your kitchen countertop to be as durable as possible.

Two unique options for value-enhancing kitchen countertops are as follows:

Granite – Granite is a type of natural stone that instantly lends a sense of luxury and decadence to your space. This natural stone is a wonderful option for homeowners who appreciate intriguing textures and rich colors. Another major benefit of granite is its durability. This countertop will far outlast the homeowners who enjoy it.

Copper – A copper kitchen countertop is an excellent way of creating a warm and inviting focal point. This material is not quite as durable as granite, and it will also transmute over time. But, the changeability of hammered copper, the fact that its color transmutes subtly over time, is something that earth-loving homeowners will appreciate. If you are someone who wants both a warm and innovative countertop, copper may just be the surface to invest in.

When approaching your kitchen remodel, you will want to know what updates you ought to invest in and the ones you can postpone. Designers point to the importance of updating floors in a manner that is both economical and pleasing to your eye. After all, floors tend to weather more quickly than other surfaces as they are walked upon consistently. Other facets you will want to invest in are your cabinets. Cabinetry need not be entirely replaced, but they can be effectively updated by making a few instrumental changes. Finally, do not skimp on hiring a professional contractor. He or she will ensure that you achieve a long-lasting, quality remodel.

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