| The Perfect Bathroom Design for Him and Her
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The Perfect Bathroom Design for Him and Her


13 Apr The Perfect Bathroom Design for Him and Her

It has often been stated that men and women are fundamentally different creatures, and in many ways, this is true. So, when remodeling your bathroom, which will be shared with your partner, you will want to compromise between feminine and masculine features. There are a number of ways that you can achieve a balance in your bathroom. Doing so will involve compromises in terms of your floor plan, vanities, appliances and even accessories. Making this sort of compromise will result in a beautiful, modern space that all parties can appreciate well into the future.

His and Her Vanities

One of the elements that couples disagree about when it comes to remodeling their bathrooms is the amount of space that each person deserves to occupy within. After all, men and women both deserve a space where they can tend to their personal appearance. Conventionally, women tend to prefer a more substantial vanity area where they can sit and apply their makeup. Women also tend to require more storage space in their vanities in which to house all of their toiletries. While men tend to require less storage, they still appreciate having their own designated area in the bathroom.

The perfect compromise for this desire for separate space in the bathroom are his and her vanities. These vanities can be set up side by side. Alternatively, you can set up vanities on opposite walls. The latter is a good solution for couples who like to prepare for the day at the same time in the morning. However, setting up vanities on opposite walls only works in bathrooms of a larger scale. Not only do his and her vanities equipped with separate sinks and mirrors add value to your space, but they also inspire a sense of closeness and intimacy.

Utilitarian Meets Feminine

Interior design trends suggest that women appreciate the smaller decorative details in a space. For example, textured walls, intriguing light fixtures, and decorative bathroom accessories are all features that women appreciate in a bathroom. On the other end of the spectrum, men tend to strive for maximum utility and functionality in their bathrooms. This means that men generally appreciate features that make allow them to bathe and relax to their maximum potential.

In order to strike a balance, you will want to remodel your bathroom in a highly functional manner that incorporates decorative flourishes. This way, both parties can be content with the end result, as well as how funds are allocated during the remodeling process. Highly functional bathrooms tend to center on contemporary showers, in other words, showers with modern features. A good option on the shower front is an oversized glass shower. Steam showers are also an excellent option for homeowners who want to transplant the experience of a spa within their home. Interior designers also tend to champion the utility of a luxury shower, like the ones just mentioned as they occupy less square footage than a bathtub. Recessed lighting linked up with a dimmer is also highly functional. This sort of lighting is neutral in looks, and it allows you to control the level of lighting you use depending on the time of day. Along with these highly functional elements, you will want to incorporate decorative flourishes. This might mean painting an accent wall, installing unique wall sconces or window coverings.

Parallel Separates

Separating the floor plan in a substantial bathroom is an excellent way of creating the sense that two unique individuals occupy the same space. Not only will this allow you to coexist in the same room, but it will also transform the bathroom into more of a living space.

Integrating parallel separates into your bathroom can be made simple by installing a half wall or separator between the two spheres. Ideally, both sides will have their own toilet, vanity and linens. Interior designers suggest having your separator stop just shy of two-thirds of the way across your floor. Where your separator stops, you can place a stand alone tub, or walk in shower. In addition, you might want to introduce an armchair and side table. All of these elements together allow two unique individuals to comfortably occupy the same space. In addition, they allow both parties to view the bathroom as a living space that they can linger, interact and engage in.

All in all, there are a variety of ways in which you can remodel your bathroom in a way that both a man and woman can appreciate. One good solution to the divide that often separates men’s and women’s design tastes is by creating a highly functional bathroom, which makes use of smaller decorative flourishes. Another way of striking this balance is by separating this space. You can do so by way of his and her vanities, or by installing a half wall in your bathroom. In doing so, the bathroom becomes a shared space that both men and women will want to spend more time in.

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