| Understanding Your Kitchen Remodel Estimate
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Understanding Your Kitchen Remodel Estimate


16 Mar Understanding Your Kitchen Remodel Estimate

Many homeowners become nervous when it comes to remodeling their kitchens, as doing so involves estimates that can be difficult to interpret. Indeed, such estimates tend to include a host of different categories including labor, materials and unanticipated costs. In an effort to render estimates less daunting and more familiar to the eye, this article breaks down several estimates and what you can expect from their respective figures. It would be a shame if anxiety about your remodel estimate were to preclude you from pursuing that remodel altogether. Thus, here is some much-needed information on what you can and should expect from the salient kitchen remodel estimates.

Estimates That Read Approximately $5,000

Many homeowners become concerned, and sometimes suspicious, by the fact that kitchen remodel estimates can vary so vastly. So, it is imperative that you understand what your money can get you under several different budget caps.

If your estimate reads $5,000, then it should be able to guarantee you a number of important aesthetic transformations. With this estimate, your contractor should be able to guarantee you some sort of transformation in and around your cabinetry. This might mean painting your cabinets and changing out their hardware, or introducing glass inserts. Alternatively, your contractor might also remove your current cabinets completely and instead install open concept shelving. Introducing all new cabinetry, however, will require a bigger budget.

If your estimate reads $5,000, it should also guarantee you a new sink, including installation, and potentially even a backsplash. If you want to reduce your estimate further still, do your research and seek out affordable hardware and accessories. So much is possible with nothing more than a bit of creativity and patience.

Estimates That Read Approximately $15,000

If you receive an estimate for your kitchen remodel that reads $15,000, you can take your transformation even further by making it even more dramatic. Within this estimate, you are well within your rights to expect completely new cabinetry. This should make a substantial change into your kitchen, and also be a good investment if you are planning on selling your home in the future.

Among the aesthetic changes previously mentioned, you can also expect both the purchase and installation of new appliances for a $15,000 price tag. Perhaps you want a professional grade oven or a stainless steel refrigerator. Once again, do your research and select the appliance with only the features that you intend on using. For example, if you do not anticipate using eight burners, then do not select a stove with this feature. Considering these aspects will save you money and will allow you to allocate it elsewhere.

Estimates That Read Approximately $25,000

If your contractor hands you an estimate that reads $25,000, you can expect a complete kitchen overhaul. At this budget, you can expect your contractor to remove any and all walls that you so wish and create a completely new floor plan. Indeed, if you would like walls added, you can do this as well. This helps to take an open concept kitchen to one that is completely enclosed. With this estimate, you are no longer restricted to flat pack cabinets and can expect cabinetry produced in higher quality materials, like natural woods.  You can also change out all old countertops and introduce new ones, comprised of better, higher quality materials. In addition, you might also expect new flooring, both the materials and the installation.

Further Tips on Keeping Estimates under Control

Once your contractor issues you an estimate, this is merely the first step in your kitchen remodel. From there, you can work with him or her to develop a plan that combines their estimate with your budget. Once this plan is formulated, your kitchen contractor has an ethical, professional responsibility to stick to it. Of course, unforeseen costs and issues may arise, but these issues shouldn’t cause a dramatic change from any estimate. Have a contract signed before the remodel gets underway that explicitly states that you will be informed of these unanticipated costs before the end of the remodel. You should also add that you will reassess the cost of the project at each of these junctures.

Whatever your estimate, you will also want to look into the cost of the materials involved in the remodel. If you are hoping to cut down the cost of your initial estimate, consider using cheaper, albeit quality, materials such as laminate over natural wood.

Pursuing a kitchen remodel ought to be an exciting process that will completely transform the aesthetic of your kitchen. However, estimates for this sort of remodel can be daunting and difficult to understand. When you receive your estimate, be apprised of the former categories and what you can expect to have done within their boundaries. Always be sure that you establish a clear and explicit contract with your remodeling contractor which creates a plan that both parties can be happy with for many years to come.

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